Misty Mornings Photo Roundup

Friends! I am so glad to see you!

Well, I can't actually see you through the pea-soup fog that has enshrouded Seattle, but I am glad you are here!

This misty weather sure has been spooky. Some Twittering Seattleite put it well when she said that she, "Can't shake the feeling that someone is about to get hauled off by wolves." That about sums it up. It does have a very Baskerville feeling out there.

If you are a Seattle cycler, I hope you are being extra-careful! Prob'ly don't need to worry about hounds or wolves per se, but visibility is pretty low out there and most drivers do not appear to be taking that fact into account as they tear up the wet asphalt on their commute of a morning. I, for one, am glad to learn what the "strobe" setting on my headlight is for, besides temporarily blinding other bike commuters. So, uh, in case you come to this blog to be told what to do, there are too implicit instructions in this here intro paragraph:

  • Be Visible on These Mist-Blanketed Commutes, Or Else Be Eaten By Gothic Canines
  • If You Have A Super-Bright LED Headlight On Your Bike, Good For You! Now Point It Downward and Away From Everybody's Eyes, Please! (If it's mounted on your Helmet, please do reconsider. It hurts.)

Anyhoo! I have gathered here, for your enjoyment, some pix from the last few weeks! Yay! It's a photo-roundup!

Spotted In the Bike Shop!

I just started working in the shop at Bike Works! Which is fun. I am doing less teaching and more wrenching and retail in preparation for some other big moves I've got coming up. Stop by the shop and let's talk bikes!


Why are these seat-stays cut? My coworker thinks that it was done to add suspension to the bike. I am inclined to blame a thief who doesn't understand that tubes are what hold the bicycles together. What do you think?


This is the Sun Atlas we have available through our Family Bike Rental Fleet. I was watching it through the window and just had to snap a pic. The Atlas is the lowest priced longtail available and while I have many, many problems with this bike, they are mostly related to the stock components. The bike is actually a real blast to ride!


This here Moongoose with the 12" wheels has some verrrry Dutch geometries. While I love the idea of starting them young on classy transportational cycling-style, I think that Workcycles might be calling and asking for their seat-tube angle back.


This is a Workcycles Fr-8. It represents a whole 'nother kind of kid-hauler and I've never ridden one! Anybody got one we can test? Actually, I think I saw one at Dutch...


You know what else they have at Dutch? Tyler! He works there now as a wrench! You should go visit if you are in Ballard!


Y'know what that guy is really good at? Wrapping bars! You should go there and get him to wrap and twine and shellac your handlebars. Don't those bars look good enough to eat? Yum!


Anybody recognize this E-assist half-a-recumbent? I've run into the bike several times and it really makes an impression but I can't figure out what it is. Do you know?

Cargo Bikes Are Awesome


Bike-on-bike is always good. Nice thing about higher-end road bikes, they don't weigh much strapped to your cargo bike.


This actually works really well.


Little Oil's seat has many secondary functions. Here it serves as a to-go coffee cup holder. It does this well.


Because there has been some controversy: Yes, there is a Madsen on the floor at REI and yes, you can test ride it.

My Kid is Cute!


Little Oil at the MLK Day march.


It sure has been cold for our morning commute! Can you still catch the huge grin?


And wet, too. Still, she grins.


Mmmmmm. Boxbike. With built-in shelter from the elements. I love the Bullitt. This one belongs to Julian Totcycle. Maybe if we all ask nicely he'll do a review.


Our friend Claudia deserves some credit for her Artoo-Detoo helmet. Give her this credit in whatever from you deem appropriate.

Bonus Seattle History Photo!


The unicycling clam from Ivar's old Back to Clam Future ad is on display at MOHAI! Well, the clam is. The unicycler is on the loose around Capitol Hill even today. I wonder if she knows she's in a museum?