Seattle Critical Mass Loses A Good Friend... to Chicago!


aah, Seattle Critical Mass!

If you've been reading this blog for a bit, you've heard it all before.

I love Critical Mass. I love Seattle Critical Mass. I love the people of Seattle Critical Mass.

Lady Oil and I had very important early romantic times on Critical Mass rides. Our wedding incorporated a huge Critical Mass style ride!

After Little Oil was born I had less time for all kinds of riding for fun and for the first time in amost ten years I found myself missing Mass after Mass. I missed almost all the rides for about a year there and I regretted this.

About a year ago, Little and I started riding in Critical Mass together! She loves it.

The rides have become much smaller. I'd like to say that the rides over the last year were "intimate" and "personal" but a few of them were just a little sad. Take February, for example. Four riders, including Little Oil. We rode around for a few minutes downtown and then paid a very sweet visit to Mobius Cycles. Check out Metrodigital's pics.

From thriving and vibrant times to leaner and more thankless ones, even decentralized and leaderless traditions like Critical Mass depend on at least a little participant continuity to keep the party going.

Most stalwart riders never get the thanks they deserve.

I wanna thank Daniel. Month after month and year after year, he's been there at almost every ride. Helping new riders and looking out for the group, taking photos and telling the story afterward at his photo blog, Metrodigital.

April's ride was Daniel's last as a Seattlite. He will be missed.

Daniel, we haven't spent too much time together off of our bikes but we've had some amazing adventures in the saddle. I'll miss you.


Daniel and Little Oil wait for the riders to show up


on her way to school that morning, Little insisted on bringing her flashlight. she thought it would be useful in the ride. apparently she told everyone at her preschool about critical mass.


a couple dozen riders made April the biggest ride we've had in a while. come next month! rides are held on the last Friday of every month. leaves Westlake Center at 6!


there's a new climber at Westlake! it is awesome.


Liz and Colin impress Little Oil. Colin for his tall bike, Liz for her crazy faces.


thanks to Marco, I need to explain to Little that I can't do wheelies or ride walls on our cargo bike.


friends helping friends. aww.


the ride stretched out before us.


bye Daniel! see you down the road!