Spotted in the Wild: Bamboo Xtracycle!

Hey, look what Little Oil and I spotted in front of the "Black Coffee Cooperative coffe joint on Pine St! We really like that place. It is a worker-owned collective, seems to be a place for Occupy activists meet and plan their good works, and there is usually a friendly punk out front, waiving at Little as we plod up the hill in the evening. Always lots of fun bikes parked in front of Black Coffee, but this day we had to stop and take some pictures.


Check it out!


A DIY bamboo and plywood and inner tube Xtracycle!


And up front, is that a Hill Topper hub motor from local company Clean Republic?

And do you see how the seat stays cross the seat tube of the GT mountain bike frame this cool ride is built from? How that creates a little triangle of tubes? This is called "triple triangle" design and GT is the only company that can use it. It is intended to reduce side to side flexyness and that's probably a good thing for an Xtracycle donor bike. This has been a "the more you know!" moment.


Cool bike! I'd love to learn more about it. Anybody out there know anything?