"Bike Dude" Photo Roundup

I will probably say this one-million more times, I love living in a city. I love living in Seattle! We stumble upon so much wonderful stuff every day. The city is a text, a song and a friend as well as an environment. We are so lucky to read it, sing it and live with it.

Morning of the Seattle Aids Walk. Finally, a chance to check out the new streetcar tracks up close! And to walk in the middle of Broadway without fear of cars! We love parades, street fairs and block parties!

Check out the identifying nickname the server gave me at Highline! I guess that's accurate.

Bike lanes and sharrows and new speed bumps going up through the Arboretum! Awesome. This should be a lovely and safe place to ride again and not a pretty, but inefficient shortcut for drivers exclusively.

Y'know, FWIW there IS a nice, car-free route through the Arboretum, just East of Lake Washington Blvd that is almost pedestrian-free, basically a paved road and not a gravel path. And its really pretty.

Approaching from the South:

You just huff it up the first right turn after the old stone gate and then follow the road. Make a left and then a right after the Visitors' Center to get back on Lake Wash Blvd.

Approaching from the North:

You hang a left onto Foster Island Rd after the 520 bridge entrance. 

Then make a right onto Arboretum Dr E.

This route is lovely. Hillier than Lk Wash Blvd, but really stress-free. Give it a try sometime and tell me what you think.

Annnyhooo, anybody know anything about these fox tails? At this point I've encountered three different adults wearing them. Is this a new subcultural affiliation? Foxpunk? I'd love to learn more.

Civia Halsted in the wild! I wanna ride one.

Awesome DIY cycle rickshaw trailer. Little says, "I wanna ride in that one day soon!" Personally, I just wanna high-five the maker.

New public bike art on Chief Sealth Trail. I really like the plaque that goes with it.

"...the first and future riders of these hills."