Quiz Week: Day Three!

It's still Quiz Week!

Every day this week, in honor of my birthday and the blog's upcoming first half-birthday and in honor of you loyal readers, a quiz and a prize!

What prize?

Well, I was lucky enough to contribute to the current issue of the amazing Taking the Lane zine, called Childhood. It is a very lovely book. Here, check out the cover:

I have a few extra contributor's copies and would like to offer them as prizes to you readers. One quiz a day, for a week!

Friend of the blog and friend in real life, Joe, answered yesterday's two part question,

a) Who is Little Oil's favorite performer?

this guy. she's obsessed.

b) What food item have I prepared for this performer?

a hummus sandwich!

I mentioned this recently, here. Good job, Joe! I'll get you that zine when I see you this afternoon! Yay!

Quiz Week continues now!

Today's question is deep:

What is so ironic about the Transformer's chosen disguise and what does it say about our society's relationship to our planet and to giant robots?

The longest and most smart sounding answer in the comments gets a free copy of the Taking the Lane! No restrictions apply.

Happy Quizzing!