We are Back!


Hello Friends,

Now that we are done with the bulk of the build-out/ move-in of our new, permanent shop, we can finally give you the news!

The new shop is turning out to be fantastic.

It is like our last two, but larger, and more easy for you and us, both!

Also, there is pink!

And shiny maple.

It is quite long and tall.

It is very nearby our original spot, we should still be easy for anyone to find.

We get to keep the same great neighbors!

More bikes for sale, more bikes for rent, more bikes for testing and learning on, more capacity for more repairs!

Open for business, as of March 1st. Many of the bikes which were on sale during our End-of-Year Sale are still available on discount, and we will also feature several new bikes and accessories!

Danielle's Passenger Panda Cargo Kid blankets are back in stock!

Riese & Müller electric and electric cargo bikes are here! As is the Benno midtail! Tons of cool things to test ride!


8558 Greenwood Ave N!



We have streamlined our open hours. We are still closed Monday and Tuesday, but we are now open 10-6 every other day of the week.

  • Sunday 10-6
  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 10-6
  • Thursday 10-6
  • Friday 10-6
  • Saturday 10-6


March Ninth is the anniversary of the Greenwood Blast.

Let that sink in. It has been an entire year!

Many ask, how much longer until the impacted neighborhood is whole and healed? Others wanna know, what is the gas company doing to make things right?

We at G&O Family Cyclery only have one question. WHO IS GONNA PARTY WITH US?

Seriously, you people have been amazing. We are all still here, still managing to survive. We think that deserves a party.


  • March 9, 7pm until around 10pm.
  • Reduced Price Vegan Hot Dogs from Cycle Dogs!
  • Other Snacks!
  • Music!
  • Celebration!
  • Your Friends!

Grand Reopening & Restoration Party, March 9th.