Worth Looking Forward To

Hi! Here's something that I love about being a Pedal Person that I tend to have a hard time explaining:

I Can Always Look Forward to Leaving.


Don't take this personally. I am probably not at all bored with you or whatever it is we are doing! It's not you. It's me.

It's not even that wherever I'm at is so bad, it's just that going for a bike ride is so good.

I don't think of myself as a restless person. I love being at home, settling in. While I do like flexibility, I also like belonging and working towards a cause and I am perfectly comfortable with certain types of routines.

I think of myself as a fairly contented person. I'm not really a striving sort and I can usually tell that the grass is probably not any greener over there. I can usually find the greenness where I am and if I can't, I usually think more about how to green this spot up than I do about how to split for other pastures.

Still, I love that whatever I am doing and wherever I am, when it's time to leave, I am almost certainly going on a bike ride.

With this little bit of upcoming fun tucked away in my pocket, I can sit through a lot of things I'd otherwise have trouble stomaching. I am sure I am not alone among bikey folk. After the kid is put to bed and we are settling in for the evening, I love heading back out into the dark on a fun little jaunt to pick up some supply or other!

At the top there I painted a totally false picture of myself as some serene dude, always content and not striving for anything. That's bunk. There are all sorts of things I will fight to avoid doing and I can be quite stubborn about it. One of those is getting in the car.

Thing is, whatever I need to do in my routine, doing it by bike always, ALWAYS makes it better. More fun, more silly, more calm. I know its nothing new, pointing out that biking can can lead to a sense of wellness, but there you go.


 Another Pedal Person

Being bike riders, we always have this. We always have a bike ride to look forward to.

Aren't we lucky?